Bronze Package

$25/month (per unit)

  • $5 monthly discount for each additional system
  • NO call out fees¬†during normal operating hours. Standard Fee applies after hours
  • Subscribers receive 15% OFF ALL parts and equipment
  • Twice-a-year in-depth preventive maintenance includes Job Link time-stamped system metrics PDF to monitor your system's performance with us!
  • Twice-a-year evaporator & condenser coil cleaning with coil specific cleaner
  • Once -a-year removal & cleaning of blower motor wheel housing & heating elements, gas furnaces receive induced draft blower removal inspection/clean
  • 1 pound of freon per year for seasonal variance & loss

ACTIVATE your BRONZE package subscription today for ONLY 4 easy installments of $68.25! (per unit)
**BRONZE packages require a one-time activation fee of $275 per unit, this activation fee can be split into 4 installments or paid all up front (credit card rates apply).

Please note: This activation fee is required to complete your first maintenance. This fee will not be charged until the scheduled service is performed.


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Priority Service:

  • Flexible priority scheduled maintenance & discounted emergency Call Outs 24/7
  • Technicians are in every parish for fast effective relief!
  • Enjoy Huge Discounted Rates on Everything AC - equipment sales services parts!
  • Beat the heat with a responsive AC system!

Twice-A-Year Maintenance Visits:

  • No call out fees during normal operating hours. Standard fee applies after hours.
  • Full system evaluation - necessary adjustments made for optimal performance.
  • Thorough system inspection & coil cleanings to keep your system efficient.
  • Eliminate costly air leaks.
  • Identify & replace weak parts at discounted prices!
  • Flush drains & eliminate any sweating issues.
  • Inspection & testing of float switches.
  • Calcium tablets added to drain pan.
  • Check and record system metrics in Advanced Job Link Profile.
  • 1 lb. of Freon for seasonal variance & loss.

Advanced Job Link Profile:

  • Complete system diagnostics determine key adjustments for Optimal Performance.
  • Personalized profile tailored to your application.
  • Receive detailed metrics & in a timestamped PDF format!
  • Airflow, Freon pressures, Delta T, Delta P, Microfarads, Volts, Amps, Ohms.
  • Stay informed about the health of your system!
  • Access to Technicians Gauges & Meter Recordings for 100% Transparency.

Annual Heating Element & Blower Wheel Cleaning:

  • Ensure Optimal heading performance!
  • Maintain efficiency and reliability!
  • Dirty Blower Wheels can cause coils to freeze giving the same appearance as a system low on freon.