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It might be time for a breath of fresh air!
Introducing our top-notch duct & coil cleaning A/C Preventive Maintenance
Plan - The key to a healthier, more efficient home.

We currently offer 3 package options available to fit Your budget & meet your needs! NO CALL OUT FEES during operating hours, unlimited available add On's. All monthly subscribers will receive year-round
discounts on everything A/C - 24-7 Technician access and will be kept up to date on
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Act Now! Limited Slots Available:

*Bronze package single unit requires a one-time customer profile activation fee of $275. Customers with multiple units $275ea. Both single & multiple unit customers can choose to divide profile activation payments over the first 3 months. Initial visit bronze package allows up to 2 hours for system maintenance, evaluation, Info recording & profile creation. Credit card rates apply

** Silver and Gold packages require a one-time customer profile activation fee of $325 per unit and can choose to divide payment over the first 3 months. Allow up to 5 hours for annual duct cleaning size & layout pending. Credit card rates apply.

Available Maintenance Add-ons

Mini Split System Inspection & Coil CleanAnnually $75Biannually $150
Entire Home Dust Free Air Purifier 12"(5 Ton Max) Installed$1275
Entire Home Dust Free Air Purifier 6"(2.5 Ton Max)
Dryer Vent Chase Brush Vac Cleaning$75 each
Dryer Vent 4" Flex Replacement$53 each
Ceiling Fan Cleaning$15 each
Anti-microbial fog system sterilization(Req 1 hour Vacancy)$175 each
Evaporator coil removal and flush$1250 each
Filter dryer replacement$375 each
Washing & Repainting of Grills$25 each
UV dye Stop Leak$75 each
SS2 Unit Condensate Safety Switch$75 each
Drain Pan$175 each
Aqua Guard Pan Safety Switch$75 each
Digital Thermostat$85 each

Twice-a-Year Maintenance Visits:

  • FREE service calls
  • Full system evaluation - necessary adjustments made for optimal performance.
  • Thorough system inspection & coil cleanings to keep your system efficient.
  • Eliminate costly air leaks.
  • Identify & replace weak parts at discounted prices!
  • Flush drains & eliminate any sweating issues.
  • Inspection & testing of float switches
  • Calcium tablets added to drain pan.
  • Check and record system metrics in Advanced Job Link Profile
  • 1 lb. of Freon for seasonal variance & loss
  • 30% OFF major component parts

Advanced Job Link Profile:

  • Complete system diagnostics determine key adjustments for Optimal Performance
  • Personalized profile tailored to your application.
  • Receive detailed metrics & in a timestamped PDF format!
  • Airflow, Freon pressures, Delta T, Delta P, Microfarads, Volts, Amps, Ohms
  • Stay informed about the health of your system!
  • Access to Technicians Gauges & Meter Recordings for 100% Transparency

Annual Heating Element & Blower Wheel Cleaning:

  • Ensure optimal heating performance!
  • Maintain efficiency and reliability!
  • Dirty Blower Wheels can cause coils to freeze giving the same appearance as a system low on freon

Once-a-Year Duct Cleaning:

  • Ideal for pet owners smokers in the home
  • Ensure optimal airflow and system efficiency!
  • Enables us to view entire Duct system
  • Adress any hidden damages to system causing expensive air loss
  • Eliminate hidden contaminants in your ductwork!

Anit-Microbial Fog Sterilization of Complete HVAC System

  • Virus Free Environment
  • Our advanced cleaning fog solutions kills COVID and Flu viruses!
  • Keep your family safe and healthy!

Recorded Video of Your Duct Cleaning:

  • Watch a video recording of the entire duct cleaning process!
  • See the thoroughness of our service firsthand!

Extend Your AC's Lifespan:

  • Regular cleaning & maintenance prevents wear and tear.
  • 85% Of Emergency Call Outs Are Preventive
  • Prolong the life of your AC unit Up To 5 Years

Energy Efficiency:

  • A clean system runs more efficiently.
  • Lower energy bills over time

Healthier Air Quality:

  • Eliminate dust, allergens, and pollutants!
  • Breathe in cleaner, fresher air!

Expert Technicians:

  • Our skilled Professionals take pride in their craft & are proud to showcase their work skills.
  • Trustworthy 100% transparent service for your peace of mind

Priority Service:

  • Flexible priority scheduled maintenance & discounted emergency Call Outs 24-7
  • Technicians are in every parish for fast effective relief!
  • Enjoy Huge Discounted Rates on Everything AC - equipment sales services parts!
  • Beat the heat with a responsive AC system!

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Customers who subscribe to Guilbeau's Cooling & Heating breathe easy concerning everything their cooling & heating system demands. Also gain access to the lowest prices for equipment sales, installations, parts & services. Stay informed & up to date by email on latest products with routine products, & service giveaways! No call out fees for emergency service calls during normal operating hours (excluding parts & labor). In the event of emergency call outs during normal operating hours all packages receive 30% discounted parts & services. Outside of operating hours receive 15% with no payment due at time-ofservice, call out fee will be discounted to original service fee price of $125.00. Customers can choose to pay out over the next 3 months.

Cancel subscription at any time! Everything AC Exclusive Subscription discount total package prices are based on 12 consecutive monthly payments. The Customer is responsible for satisfying unpaid parts & services previously received.